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I'll admit I was looking for a bit of a "click bait" headline when I began writing, and if you read it and felt "clicky", then it's you who needs to read this post carefully.

This is a post about common scenarios I find roofers in and how it affects the money they're making and the success they're enjoying.

The most common of these common dilemmas is a lack of understanding about search engines generally, about Google specifically, and how it affects your results every day.

If you're selling and installing roofing for a living, there's only a few ways that are proven to work - and a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about what actually does work.

What Does "Dominant Positioning" Look Like?
So how much money can a roofer make when he's positioned properly and truly has a dominant position in their market?

A lot. Those who've achieved it enjoy a rich life; money is rarely an issue for them. They also tend to be very clear that they can accomplish even more.

I recently spoke to a very experienced contractor who has years of experience and he's been trying to move his business online and generate sales and leads from search engine marketing.

He hired a recommended firm to build his site and this agency did almost everything Google warns a company not to do. The result is a site that does not rank for anything and there is no traffic visiting him from his marketing.

So while he could make an absolute fortune in his market, he's making a lot less because he's positioned so poorly.

I wrote last week about companies who are waiting for their SEO or social media team to generate all the leads they promised that are often slow to come at all or are of poor quality when they do.

The follow-on to that conversation is to look at why SEO is not likely to produce the leads you want or need. You see if your team is focused on fixing where you rank organically, ok - but is that a strategy that will provide the result you need?

There was a time when as much as 70% of searchers would choose one of the first 3 listings in organic search results. Now that has dropped to as little as 20%. But why?

Well, Google made the page much narrower and thus longer. Many searches occur on mobile phones now and this narrow page displays better on a phone. It takes as much as 7 "swipes" with your fingers down the page to even get to the organic listings.

Simply put, most who search, choose who to call from the ads at the top or the maps section in the middle.

So a logical question then is what happens when a roofer is all-in on SEO and failing on Google My Business or in Google Maps? How many calls to they get?

In many cases, very few. Mostly referred by someone looking for a low priced roof job.

Or perhaps worse, they start buying shared leads from lead brokers. You can sell some of these jobs but it's a dogfight to find a value conscious buyer in a sea of tire-kickers and low price shoppers.

Here's the biggie... how much can a roofer make when his team works with urgency to position them correctly in search engines? When they appear in the 3-pack of listings in Google My Business? When they appear prominently in Google Maps? Or when they accept that the biggest group of "buyers" are those who search Google's ads section?

What Does A "Result" Look Like?
I can give you a nice example from my own files. A client who hired us the last week of February had his whole online presence rebuilt and was advertising for his ideal customer 34 days after he hired us.

More importantly, it took him 2 weeks to generate enough profits to declare he'd recovered his entire investment in the project already.

I don't know if you can achieve that in your business but if you DO want it, the first step is to talk about it with me. It's free, we'll spend 15-30 minutes and we'll both know if we should be working together or not. There is NO obligation to do anything.

Author: Scott A Dennison
Scott A Dennison has been helping roofing contractors to get profitable results for almost 10 years now. 

You can find out more about Scott here: https://toprankedroofer.com/about
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