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Scott really captures the heart and soul of search engine optimization in this guide for roofers that is just as relevant for local business in other service industries. The story-telling writing approach makes this book 10x easier to read than alternatives that tend to read like technical documentation. There's no doubt that roofers will find the motivation they need to buy into SEO as an investment not an expense (as Scott puts it), because it focuses on the why just as much as the how, with several strategies to shape the desire for ongoing marketing efforts. I agree with all the website recommendations and usability suggestions that support better crawler experiences, ultimately culminating into higher conversions and leads. Excellent book for local marketers and roofers alike! ~ Steve Wiideman, Wiideman Consulting Group
If as a roofer, you want to build perfect business, you need consistent flow of new leads to your business who want their roof fix from you, then you need get Scott Dennison's book for roofer's leads blueprint. You can implement in 1 week and starts new leads flow to your business ~ Muhammad Siddique,
A great roofer with lousy marketing will get beat by an average roofer with great marketing. Scott explains in plain English how to build an online strategy to show up in Google, review sites, and social media-- then to drive more leads. If you've not tried online advertising or if it hasn't worked for you, he explains why and how to correct it. Buy this book and improve your business. ~ Dennis Yu, Chief Technology Officer, BlitzMetrics
Scott's book is a wonderful guide to getting noticed online and is applicable for any industry you might be in. Even if your business has been online for years, you'll probably pick up some ideas for improvements. I know I did. ~ Te-ge Bramhall,
Scott gives you the roadmap to empower roofing companies or any type of business to generate the right leads that consistently generate revenue. If you're a roofer searching for the right marketing path and can follow instructions, you'll be glad you read Scott's book. ~ Scott Polk