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Transform your Online Marketing, in Less Than 90 Days??
What Exactly Does That Mean?
If you're a roofing contractor and have tried and tried to get your Online Marketing to produce reliable, predictable results, you're in the right place. Hang with me for a minute or so and I'll give you examples of what transformation looked like to others in your industry who choose us over other marketers.

Have you paid "experts" to help you because your best customers didn't easily find you in local search on Google?

If you said "yes", I would not be surprised to find you are either signed up with one of the big lead generation companies and being asked regularly to cut your margins to compete with roofers willing to sell for less.

Are you still getting phone calls and emails telling you that "all you need" is some SEO or maybe some PPC? Maybe you've been told that you can get a lot of business by posting all day on social media.

Have You Ever Heard The Expression "The Truth Hurts?"
You see, most of the advice you hear about what works is either old and obsolete or unproven. The people who offer such advice are willing to make money AT THE EXPENSE of their customers.

In fact, you need to accomplish 3 things to achieve your Internet marketing goals and objectives.

1) If your ideal prospect cannot find you in search, you cannot make the sale. Why? Because to that prospect, you're invisible. Essentially, to that homeowner, you don't exist.

But let's pretend that you have lots of visibility in search engines - when people type in your keywords, you pop up immediately.

Does that mean you'll be flooded with calls and leads? Maybe, maybe not.

2) In this stage of the game, people can see what you're doing in the marketplace and what your previous customers have said about you is critical. I'm talking about reviews. Google reviews mainly.

Even though your website is filled with words to describe what a great roofer you are, the things your customers say about their experience matter more. Much more.

If the prospect doesn't like what people have said, your opportunity ends without you getting a legitimate shot at the business.

If your site shows you have been in business for several years, homeowners will be concerned if you only have 6 reviews. A busy, successful roofer might have hundreds of reviews after many years in business, why not you?

There's more...
3) When you have good visibility and solid reviews; your business will rise or fall on your ability to win more sales. The problem is that people today hate to be sold. The good news is that they still LOVE to BUY.

Many roofers today are evolving their selling process away from pressure presentations to either a "virtual" or "contactless" models but find it difficult to sell without the old pressure closing techniques.

Imagine instead your sales team follows a proven framework that helps homeowners trust you so much that when they buy, they thought it was their idea!

To recap, your transformation would look like this:
Ideal Prospects, REAL Prospects, (Not Tire-kickers) With Roofing Issues that Need Solved, See You When They Search...

Your Indisputable Proof of Quality Work Has Qualified Prospects Contacting You Nearly Everyday, Seeking An Estimate...

Competitors Fall Away Because Your Automated Selling System Educates and Builds Trust. Prospects Quickly Become Pre-Disposed to Buy From You...

Meanwhile, Competitors Are Dropping Off Quotes, Selling "Virtually", and Hoping to Close the Deal That You've Already Signed...

Most Roofing Companies Are Confused About How
Internet Marketing Really Works
You Can Keep Doing The Same Things Hoping For Different Results, or
  • Being invisible in search may have you signing up with lead gen sites;  prospects from these sites seek low prices more than quality work.
  • Your lack of reviews (or poor reviews) prevents high quality prospects from working with you.
  • For those leads you do get, your "seat of the pants" sales approach keeps you from winning more sales.
  • Until you build your own marketing and sales program and begin attracting your "ideal client", none of this will change...
You Can Transform Your Results
 With Top Ranked Roofer
  • You'll build a solid marketing presence online and you'll become visible to your "ideal, value-conscious prospect"...
  • With my "X-ray Eyes", you'll know exactly who will give you high-value reviews. Your indisputable proof of quality work will make you the obvious choice.
  • You'll STOP buying low-quality, price motivated-leads and instead you'll discover who your exact "perfect client" is and attract them...
  • Begin to develop a rock-solid selling system that educates prospects and helps you win more sales...
Who Am I, And Why Should You Care?
I'm Scott A Dennison and I've resolved expensive online marketing issues for dozens of roofing contractors over the years.

My Dad was a contractor so I'd seen the struggle for jobs up close. I went into sales and IMMEDIATELY saw the potential of selling online. When the Internet arrived in the late 90's, I started my first online business. Sadly, it failed miserably. I had hoped to succeed at online marketing but could not figure it out on my own.

So if you're trying to attract customers beyond 'word-of-mouth' referrals by buying leads, doing social media, SEO, etc., and it's not working as you hoped, I understand.

The good news is that in my next attempt, with the right information and the help of a coach when I had questions, I broke through!

Since 2009, I've operated a online marketing agency where we help clients get so much value they stay for 4-5 years each.  I've also published 2 books on marketing!  
Scott A Dennison
Author, Speaker, Consultant, Coach
"Scott showed me an 'easy way' to get reviews. We seek to earn 5 Stars on every carpet or tile job. Our 258+ reviews ranks us #1 in Google."
Don W Doll
"Scott built and markets our beach resort online. By taking his advice we've grown and profited beyond any of my family's expectations!"
Lynn Timberlake
"Scott ran our online marketing for 5 years; We were #1 when a huge hail event struck Dallas, which helped our roofing business do over $8M."
Lee Williamson
The Top Ranked Roofer Plan For Getting Customers At Will
Be Visible To Your Ideal Prospect
To catch "ideal" prospects, you must be visible to your ideal prospect. If they can't find you, you don't exist.
Prove Your Value
Firms that are visible need to prove they provide quality work. Your prospect cares what customers say about you more than your marketing.
Help Me To Buy From You
Your "ideal" prospect wants to buy AND hates "to be sold". Guide them to be predisposed to buy and destroy your competition.
Your VPS Transformation Includes:
  • 6 Live Classes over 12 Weeks
  • Live Group Coaching is Included
  • Free Upgrade To Our Threaded One-on-One Coaching
  • 2 + Hours of Live Training on How To Identify and Target Your Ideal Prospect
Here's A Few Of The Roofers We've Helped
"Scott created and ran all of our Google ads and our Maps GMB program. For 4 years we were #1 in SW Houston. Then I retired!"
~ Jon Crawford, Sugarland Roofing Services
"I hired Scott in December 2020. After working with another firm for 7 years but getting little done you got us new jobs in 45 days!"
~ Keith Eribarne, TRU Roofing & Restoration
"Scott, in less than 2 months, my site was completed and all the basic marketing was in place; I'm getting leads and new customers already..."
 ~ Calumn McKay, Perfect Pitch Roofing
Do You Want Your Marketing Transformation Done-for-you??
Sometimes, home services business owners need some help getting the parts of their marketing to work together.

We've found that while most guys could figure it out eventually - it might not be the best use of your time.

Over the years we've built countless websites, written lots of high-quality content, launched dozens of Google My Business profiles and created and optimized Google Advertising campaigns.

All private client work starts with a conversation. Let's get your questions answered and see if there is a fit.
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